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"clurcimourife" さんの発言 (9 月 9日 2012年 10:40pm) ...
"Piesiausage" さんの発言 (9 月 7日 2012年 8:14pm) ...
http://www.migente.com/your_page/blog/view_posting.html?pid=3384436&profile_id=7621004&profile_name=latebanister39&user_id=7621004&username=latebanister39 So if you actually have the dream of sitting in the flight sim cockpit and experience the real take off, then you actually need to go for the right kind of RC flight sim and at the same time you should not forget that you need to go beyond the regular keyboard of your computer and should use the right kind of flight simulator hardware in order to train yourself like a pilot in the real world.
"PlausasmeleOU" さんの発言 (8 月 31日 2012年 6:40pm) ...

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