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When you fresh it off, massage your experience carefully to exfoliate as well. If there's any cover up left over after you fresh your experience with it, add a bit normal water to it and use it as a scrub for the supports of your arms and any other body part that could do with some smoothing. Orange & Strawberry Skin Brightening Mask  This is a cover up that will help you with any greasy epidermis or even just epidermis that has a bit of issues. This cover up will also enhance your epidermis and fresh away all of those deceased epidermis tissues cells! Do you know why? Because of the  WoW Facial Mask strawberries! Berries actually contain an acidity that will help with any and all blemishes that you have while the fresh freshly squeezed lemon fruit juice will help tense up your skin pores and really get rid of those epidermis tissues for you. Try it and let me know how you like it! Ingredients: 1/4 cup mashed strawberries 2 tbsps fresh freshly squeezed lemon fruit juice 1 tbsp organic yogurt 1 tbsp sweetie Directions: Mash all of the ponents together, but do not blend in a blender: you want this to be spreadable, not a liquid. Implement equally all over your experience and let sit 8-10 moments. Clean off with a heated, wet facecloth and then fresh with awesome normal water. Pat dry. Grape & Honey Facial Mask If you've been been sunburned and are out shedding extremely bad and your epidermis is oh-so-dry, you've got to provide a try to this experience mask! This cover up is packed with everything outstanding that leaves your epidermis extremely nourished and looking amazing! This incredible cover up will heal all of the shedding, kick all of the roughness of your epidermis out and will nourish any raw areas of your epidermis. The grape oil and the avocado have awesome properties inside both items that leaves your epidermis amazingly hydrated! Ingredients: 1/2 a very ripe avocado 2 tbsps sweetie 1/2 tsp. grape oil Directions: Mash or blend the avocado until it's sleek and creamy, and then merge the rest of the ponents. 


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