❤️ : Meaning of mutually exclusive in urdu

Indians are more familiar with Urdu than Pakistanis are with Sanskritised Hindi as there are no Hindi speakers in Pakistan while there are over 100 million Urdu speaking people in India. For example, events A and B are said to be collectively exhaustive if where S is the sample space... In , two mutually exclusive propositions are propositions that be true in the same sense at the same time. I mean, even Urdu sounds different from Karachi to Lahore to Hyderbad in India, and Bombay and Delhi Hindi sound quite different.

meaning of mutually exclusive in urdu

Granted there are many similar roots of words and many are identical if not written similarly. Your example with modern English is a good one. In this set-up, the dummy variable pairs D 1, D 2 can have the values 1,0 under 18 , 0,1 between 18 and 64 , or 0,0 65 or older but not 1,1 , which would nonsensically imply that an observed subject is both under 18 and between 18 and 64.

meaning of mutually exclusive in urdu

mutually exclusive - Therefore, two mutually exclusive events cannot both occur.

meaning of mutually exclusive in urdu

Mutual, reciprocal agree in the idea of an exchange or balance between two or more persons or groups. Mutual indicates an exchange of a feeling, obligation, etc. Reciprocal indicates a relation in which one act, thing, feeling, etc. Teachers and students sometimes suffer from a mutual misunderstanding. This latter sense has been in use since the 16th century and is entirely standard. It is occasionally criticized, not on the grounds of ambiguity but on the grounds that the later sense development is somehow wrong. Mutual fund is recorded from 1950. The Cold War's mutual assured destruction attested from 1966. Assured destruction was an early 1960s term in U. Secretary of Defense under Lyndon Johnson, e.

Mutually exclusive and exhaustive events
Would Urdu be the recommended first step into learning more of the Eastern Indo-European languages. What an intersing thread. Anyway, the language worked in town. LAter on, the word Urdu was used to identify the Persianized register whereas Hindi was reserved for the Sanskritized. A conversation between a person speaking Hindi and Urdu will generally easy but a Hindi speaker may have to clarify some high level Urdu words if he is not familiar with them. They tell me I speak good Urdu. You will then be met a link via email to verify your account. A speaker of Hindi generally can understand spoken Urdu, but he may come across a problem when many complex Urdu words are used, but that aside, understanding the gist of spoken Urdu is easy.
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