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Artist: Orchestre Lamoureux & Thomas Roussel
Album: Ed Banger 15
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:
1. Haute Couture
2. Prisonnier
3. 31 Janvier (feat. Victor Solf)
4. Les yeux en face des trous
5. 100 % [Bonus Track]
6. Star Tripper / Back for More (Orchestral Version)
7. Fantasy / By Your Side (Orchestral Version)
8. Baby I’m Yours (Orchestral Version)
9. I <3 U SO (Orchestral Version)
10. Intra / Tricycle Express (Orchestral Version)
11. Hand In the Fire (Orchestral Version)
12. To Protect and Entertain / Pedrophilia (Orchestral Version)
13. Genie (Orchestral Version)
14. Pocket Piano (Orchestral Version)
15. Tragicomehdi / Signatune (Orchestral Version)
16. Aulos (Orchestral Version)
17. Pop the Glock / Difficult (Orchestral Version)
18. Paris Groove / Kinda Love / Metaman (Orchestral Version)
19. Motor / Prime / Hudson River (Orchestral Version)
20. Embody (Orchestral Version) 21. Tetra (Orchestral Version)

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