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If you could only have type once cheese for the rest of your life, what would it be? You are just a dream come true. Why would you say something like this to anyone?

sweet things to say to your girlfriend reddit

You facial expression and body language if good, this will make her day You just have to really mean it, and she will love you. You are very beautiful and I want you to receive all my affection through this note. If you were put into solitary confinement for six months, what would you do to stay sane?

sweet things to say to your girlfriend reddit

50 Cutest Names to Call Your Girlfriend You Must Know - I sent an angel to look over you at night. This question is direct and to the point.

sweet things to say to your girlfriend reddit

A while ago, we wrote a post on things all people need to. But it left us wondering: what are dudes sick of hearing? Well, I finally have my answer! While most of this list was informative and helpful, I have to say that I found a lot of it to be quite repeatative. So, they were basically complaining about friend zoning, which is one of the most annoying made-up concepts out there and kind of drove me crazy. Besides for those posts, I found this stuff pretty interesting. Here are 15 things you should never say to a guy… unless you want them to maybe resent you forever. For some reason, a lot of them don't see it as a compliment - they see it as a sign that you're not interested and just want to be friends. Part of me is like, get over it and deal. Another part of me is my inner short girl being like YES I HATE BEING CALLED CUTE. I Don't Get Why You're Single! Pyrum: I don't understand why you're single, you're such a great guy! What IS wrong with me then? This compliment just makes my mind wander and look for everything that could answer why I've been single so long and makes me even more insecure even though I know it isn't meant for that... I just can't help it This sounds a little friend-zoney, but he has a point. You Look Nice For Once! You look nice for once! When you say something like this, it's not only insulting, it also makes it seem like you assume no guy out there knows how to take care of himself. That's an unfair stereotype that you shouldn't believe. Like when my wife buys something at a shop and I pick up the bags on the way out, the girl working there will tell my wife 'you've trained him well! My dad taught me manners. I don't like when women say stuff like that either. I hate when my boyfriend does something polite on his own and someone acts like I'm responsible for it. I'm Only Friends With Guys Abby9237: When women say they're friends with mostly guys cause girls are too much drama. I've had dates with girls who would say this all the time. Uh, okay, that last part is kind of shady, but let's all agree that in general, it's annoying for a girl to walk around saying she's only friends with guys because girls have too much drama. Exaggerating His Penis Size isthatacrime: Maybe I'm unusual, but when girls say exaggerate penis size to something it's clearly not, I know you're lying and it doesn't make me feel good. I have an extremely average penis and I'm okay with its medium-ness. You should be, too! Don't go over the top with it. This is something dudes are SUPER sensitive about, and there's no reason you should act oddly fake. We're not friends any more. Why would you say this? How would you like it if someone said they would date you if only you could change something you have no control over? Dudes may not have the same pressure females do when it comes to body standards, but they still feel pressure and they still have feelings. Your Penis Is So Cute! NEVER a good idea. Why would you say something like this to anyone? I pay attention to you but not because I should feel obligated to, I just do it cause it's what I do. This is again assuming all guys are just like the stereotype says: dudes who don't care and don't listen. I actually know quite a bit and, believe it or not, CAN pick out my own clothing. Lots of men know fashion... It sounds like you're trying to be nice, but you're actually kind of talking down to him. One time she was at our house while I was building some shelves in the basement. I asked my wife to come down and give a hand for a minute and her friend applauded. Because apparently men are never willing to ask for help. That's not a compliment! Men ask for help all the time, we're not cartoon characters like on TV. All people are different, it's never appreciated when you get lumped together with a broad group just because of your gender or race, religion, birthplace, etc. Don't assume guys are like dudes on TV. Which of these things do you agree or disagree with? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments. You can follow the author, , on or. Follow Gurl, pretty please! We would love nothing more then to have a great guy who was respectful and did the right things on a regular basis.

50 Really Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend
Speaking In Another Language SnarkMasterFlash said: Speaking certain foreign caballeros. I want to marry you, build a home with you, have kids with you, and grow old with you. This flirting method really does get his attention and turn him on. I like this one a lot and apparently so does she. Thank you for supporting me anon. Read the first word again. You look so good you make all the girls in the room jealous of me.
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