Replacing flatMap With compactMap

❤️ : Swift compactmap vs map

Called with no parameters this will drop the single first item, and called with a parameter will drop that many items. When you add a new calendar event, the form displays all the fields you can fill-in — title, location, date and time, notes, etc. Have a look at the terse guide to squeak to see.

swift compactmap vs map

Unfortunately, while Python, Ruby, Clojure, Scala, Haskell, etc. There are three different variants of flatMap.

swift compactmap vs map

When to use compactMap - Say, we have two arrays within an array that we would like to combine into a single array. It might be a bit confusing at first to understand this change.

swift compactmap vs map

It seems like in Swift 4. However there is a new method in Swift 4. With flatMap you can transform each object in a collection, then remove any items that were nil. What are the differences between these 2 methods? Why did Apple decide to rename the method? There are three different variants of flatMap. The variant of Sequence. The reason as explained in proposal document is because of the misuse. Deprecated flatMap variant functionality is exactly the same under a new method compactMap. Krin-San You missed the point. There are three different variants of flatMap. The one accepts Optional Value has beed deprecated only. So from your example flatMap you are using is different method and is not deprecated. Besides, there is a useless wrapping and unwrapping process inside this use case of flatMap. The closure parameter wraps its returned value with an Optional and the implementation of flatMap unwraps the Optional value before returning it Second Way - String conformance to Collection Protocol: Think you need to get a list of persons' name from people array. And their solution to the case where you need to to deal with Optionals so far was to introduce a new function called compactMap which will give you the expected result.

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So from your example flatMap you are using is different method and is not deprecated. This is different to the simple map function — which applies the transformative function to each note and expects exactly one value for each transformation. One line of code — the same exact result. When to use compactMap Use this method to receive an array of nonoptional values when your transformation produces an optional value. The map function returns these results in an piece. If flatMap was working fine for this case, why introduce a separate method for it?.
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