Can I Use Tinder Without Facebook?

❤️ : Way to use tinder without facebook

Like most of the other websites Tinder also requires you to have a Facebook account. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Now this way you are able to hide your identity on social platform as well.

way to use tinder without facebook

Creating new Facebook Account If privacy is your main priority and if you need to keep your personal Facebook account away from Tinder then this is for you, in this method for using Tinder without Facebook, you need to create a new Facebook account with your secondary email address and use this second account for only Tinder with all real information like DOB, name, location. This is why people unwillingly signup on these websites using their Facebook accounts and putting their privacy at stake. The short answer is yes, it is indeed possible. You might think this is awesome because hey, common connections mean a higher trust factor right?

way to use tinder without facebook

Can I Use Tinder Without Facebook? - This means its easier for the user to sign up, the app is automatically populated with your profile photos, and they are likely photos of yourself as you use them on your Facebook profile.

way to use tinder without facebook

Are you a married man or woman or teenager who wants to use Tinder without Facebook either to hide your Tinder activity from your spouse, parents, girlfriend and boyfriend or you are ashamed of using a dating app? You might be wondering why we mentioned to use Tinder without Facebook, this is because there is a relationship between Facebook and Tinder :P. After the evolution of Facebook, Facebook has gained its popularity among millions of users. Many webmasters took advantage of this popularity and integrated into their website and apps either in the form of Facebook comments, like or share button, signing up for the website or accessing any application. This is why people unwillingly signup on these websites using their Facebook accounts and putting their privacy at stake. Most of the people do not like linking their Facebook accounts on every website especially on those kinds of apps that can be a concern for their privacy. As earlier I discussed the. This post will help you will learn a step by step guide on how to use tinder without Facebook. How to Use Tinder without Facebook Many people browse here and there to look for the answer of can they really use Tinder with out Facebook or not. But to be honest, officially there is no way to use Tinder without Facebook. Either you can stop login to tinder or there are three ways in which you can minimize the or hiding your real identity. So, in this method we would actually be changing the privacy setting of Tinder in Facebook. This hides your privacy and it is just like you are using Tinder without Facebook. Follow these four steps on how can you change your Tinder App priorities in your Facebook Account. Scroll down and click on Apps. Congratz, you have hidden Tinder from your Facebook profile. Now no one can know either you use Tinder or not. Facebook signup is simple as 1-2-3 and Go. Before entering an email address, make sure you already have new Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account. You can now choose on what information to put. Method 3: Changing Settings from Tinder App This one is most easy method to use Tinder without Facebook among all above methods. This method requires you to only tweak your Tinder App setting in your smartphone. Now this way you are able to hide your identity on social platform as well. Hope these three methods will be helpful in using Tinder Without Facebook. However, you can also contact Tinder and suggest them to change their policies regarding signing up with Facebook. Frequently asked Questions about Tinder: 1. Can I Browse Tinder Profiles Without Account? It is not possible to browse tinder profiles without an account because Tinder has features for which an account is compulsory. Tinder does not let anyone to browse Tinder without Signing Up. Can I Browse Tinder Without a Profile? The answer would be again no because to view other Tinder Profiles you also need to have a profile. Can I join Tinder without Facebook? This is the most common question. You cannot join tinder without Facebook. However, we have mentioned above steps on using Tinder without Facebook.

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At the first tinder has no audience so they stop the tinder development. Step 4 — Then after, Tinder will send you an OTP one-time password to the phone difference you have entered, copy the OTP and paste it in Tinder app and click on continue. Make sure you login with the Facebook account you want to link, not necessarily your personal account. But its still bothersome to think that all your information has been revealed right. Hope this article helped you to use Tinder Without Facebook. But, if you are a dude like me, who just want to use Tinder without Facebook because of the embarrassment of finding a date online or just need to be private on Tinder without letting your friends on Facebook that you use Glad, right?.
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