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I hear it in my soul. Some movies can move us emotionally or motivate us. Admiration is another emotional need, where you tell the person they're great at what they do.

youve crossed the line quotes

I hope it was worth it. The Na'vi know that, and they're fighting to defend it. It happens quite often at work.

youve crossed the line quotes

Latest Quotes: - When you lose, say less. Quaritch: I think we understand them just fine.

youve crossed the line quotes

Sometimes, though, they go too far. Susan Healy, a clinical therapist in Pound Ridge, N. In one case, a husband and wife started a popular events business, in which he handled the day-to-day work and she took care of the finances. He spent long hours with one colleague, a manager, planning and running the events. They'd often stay late after everyone went home to talk about the evening. The talks turned personal, with the husband sharing that he had fallen out of love with his wife. By the time the couple separated and sought counseling, the emotional affair had progressed to the point where the husband could see himself having children with the manager -- and the wife no longer felt comfortable walking into her own business. Still, the husband couldn't bring himself to fire the manager. It happens quite often at work. People underestimate the power of infatuation and think they can handle temptation much better than they can. Admiration is another emotional need, where you tell the person they're great at what they do. Once someone does enough of this for you, you start looking forward to being with him the next day, can't stop thinking of him -- one thing leads to another, and next thing you know you're having sex. Harley said he's counseling a bank president who has had a work affair even though he has a long history of firing people for having affairs. It's good news for single workers looking for love and increasingly stuck at work -- but more treacherous for those in committed relationships. About a third of respondents said their work spouse's appearance is important to them. Fifty-nine percent confided in their work spouse about problems at home, and more than a third discussed their sex life with their work spouse. I talk to my coworker more during the day than I do my wife in the evening... I even caught myself saying 'Love you' to her ending a call... Dangerous liaisons happen out of the spotlight, too. I didn't even know he was married. I thought he was dating so-and-so. I know quite a few people who have lost everything. But there were warning signs before the situation got to the breaking point, she said. The wife started sensing the connection between her husband and the manager when she'd come into the office and was hearing from friends that they had seen the pair together around town. You've crossed the line, Houston said, if you're hiding any aspect of your relationship from your spouse, meeting after work for social rather than work situations, start moving your conversations from business to personal topics, and specifically, if you start complaining about your real spouse. Keep your office door open. If you're on business trips, meet in the conference rooms or lobby, not in hotel rooms. If you sense anything is going on, nip it in the bud.

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You will need to make a choice. Look at that little baby axe. Welcome To Movie Quotes. Other elements including Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner will surely deliver some deft quotes, so check back with us after seeing the movie and bring us your favorite quotes. George Sheehan Long after the finish time is forgotten, the race is still remembered. Everybody tries to be a winner, but only one in a si will win. Admiration is another emotional need, where you tell the person they're great at what they do. Competing well is just not to be equated with winning. The plane has to be airborne even if there's an emergency on board. Also about fear, fear youve crossed the line quotes hesitation, and con, causes your worst fears to come true. If you need an example of this, how about — um, random example — how about, say, the movie Top Gun?.
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