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PISCES is attuned to the subtle signals, unspoken feelings and needs of a partner, while LEO is a bit vague when it comes to such things. What they are actually doing is testing their relationship, through an odd combination of simultaneously seeking an affirmation and a denial. Such is the eternal and compelling call of the unknown to the human spirit.

zodiac signs compatibility leo

Although it may not be obvious to others, both of you are very self-conscious individuals, and you are very concerned with your own personal creativity, personal recognition, and personal performance. The new, sleek, and impressive one for her, the secondhand jeep, station wagon, or pickup truck for him. Even though your work life will be crazy, your cash flow will probably remain constant.

zodiac signs compatibility leo

Leo Zodiac Sign - It makes for an interesting association. If she wants to attend classes in fashion design or animal husbandry a couple of nights a week, he should demonstrate visibly and verbally his enthusiastic—not grudging—approval.

zodiac signs compatibility leo

This can make them successful in everything they set out to do. These qualities can be contagious to those around them, and this results in a lot of creative energy and possibilities opening up in front of all those who enjoy their presence. Determined and loyal, Leos will make good friends, and their warmth and childish nature will be a real joy to be around most of the time. Weaknesses — If a Leo gets too detached from their emotional side, they can become extremely annoying. Separated from their heart, they become separated from compassion, too demanding, and fully unaware of their own responsibilities, while closed for constructive criticism. Impulsive and set in their ways, these individuals can get difficult when they think they are right, even to the point of conflict that has no resolution. In general, this will rarely be shown, and even though their temper sometimes spins out of control, they are warm enough and aware enough not to endanger things that are truly important to them. When turned to negative things in life, some of more tired and weaker Leos easily become drama queens, but this never decreases the love they feel for people they are close to. Leo In Relationships As a fiery representative of fixed quality, Leo is stable and reliable in most cases when it comes to interpersonal relationships. They can be counted on for practical issues, and they will always give a helping hand if you need it, in their own way. However, they can be too rigid with their walls built too high, and sometimes turn to dominance instead of compassion, just to avoid closeness and the hurt they fear simply for not knowing how to cope. As parents - The main strength of every Leo parent lies in the respect they have for their partner and their child. Warm and childish, with a huge heart, these mothers and fathers will become friends with authority in no time, but only if their emotional world is clean enough to make room for sensitive sides of their children. Leo is a parent with integrity and helps their child realize that nothing is impossible, with the ability to make them understand that they can succeed in whatever they want to flourish in. As children - Leo will express their dissatisfactions and excitements with ease. This can be annoying as much as it can be dear, and they need a lot of support to learn how to name all of their fiery emotions, and show them appropriately and calmly to other people. In general, the most important thing a young Leo has to learn, is to give others freedom to be different and incredible the way they are. With all that respect they have for others, they still have trouble understanding that anything else even exists outside of their enormous, shiny world of possibility. Love And Intimacy To build a relationship with quality, a Leo will use the special tool of honesty. Their clear way of thinking and an understanding of their own desires and goals can greatly improve their romantic and sex life. The important thing they need to remember is that every lie they say is an attempt to hide the truth from themselves, and they will be back on the right track in no time. These individuals will love being a hero, and they will often choose their partner to be someone who needs to be saved. Energetic and highly aware, they can become great lovers if they understand the beauty of satisfying their partner. Leo Career With so much energy, a Leo always strives for greatness. Whether or not they will succeed depends mostly on their upbringing and the ability of their parents to teach them how to take responsibility, focus their energy, and remain calm in a time of need. In general, they are natural born leaders and will fully grasp the importance of respect in their professional relationships. If they have the same respect for those above them on the success scale, as for those below, they will have a chance to move very far and be loved by everyone they work for, and who works for them. The need they have to live a fine life and spend money on things they are passionate about, will often push them beyond their limits. To balance their entire professional experience, they need enough rest to give the best possible results. Positive Leo Traits Warm as an individual guided by the light of the Sun itself, a Leo is always passionate and warm, to their benefit or loss. This passion they carry inside will make them straightforward and brave, often raising the quality of life for many people they cherish. If a Leo ever ends up in a mess of dishonesty, their entire life will lose much of its potential and quality, and once they realize this, they will remain true to themselves and those around them, every step of the way. They become incredible teachers when they learn that there is nothing that cannot be done. Negative Leo Traits Dominating simply because their nature of a leader takes over even when it is not required, necessary, or wanted at all. Arrogant as they tend to see their own view as the only one that matters. Impatient as a follower trait of domineering. Once they decide on things that have to be done, they will want them done right away, and their deep positive understanding of the fact that there is nothing that cannot be done can become a problem when assessing what other people are prepared to do, or realizing the time some things need to develop in a wanted direction. Understanding Your Leo The sign of Leo can become very lonely, for they sometimes lack the ability to understand the importance of the rest of humanity in their lives. If they lack gratitude for what they own, dissatisfaction will lead to the manifestation of negative traits stated above. What they need is compassion and someone to be close to, in order to deal with emotional issues just like they would deal with practical ones. The next time you approach your Leo, imagine their soft side, what they hide behind their confident act, and you will see how their image changes and they become this beautiful creative being, that cannot find a way to express their true inner light.

Leo & Libra: Love Compatibility
Click on another sign to test your love compatibility. Some are too remarkably tolerant and affectionate, platonic friends, who share experiences with a rare sympathy of viewpoint. Just so Sag does it with a degree of tact which will probably take more than a little practice. For instance, LEO is a more social creature, wants to go out more often, and is more servile and colorful than TAURUS is. Are you a Leo and dream of discovering which zodiac sign you are compatible with in love. The Leo woman is caring and she loves to be surrounded by her family members and close friends. This woman is a beautiful Lioness. The Autobus continues its transit of Libra until 8:03 AM EST today, at which time it enters Scorpio and immediately opposes Uranus as Uranus is on the verge of changing signs.
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